Great Expectations.

I’m sure by now you’ve all figured out that I’m a fan of podcasts- particularly gardening ones. They are the ideal medium for my work and I manage to learn things while I screen cases. Just before the New Year I found “Roots, Wings, and Other Things” featuring Master Beekeeper Jez Rose and Chelsea Award Winning Garden Designer (and GW host) Adam Frost. Its very casual and conversational and they bound around from topic to topic freely. Books, garden advice, plants, beekeeping tips, pets, the works. It is delightful and an easy listen, though it only comes out monthly so there aren’t a ton of episodes. But I digress…

In the very first episode Adam Frost casually dropped a line about his own garden that blew the lid off my wee noggin:  He was talking about his space being a place where he could experiment with plants, different varieties and ideas and habitats and he then said, he’d “hopefully still make a semi-beautiful garden“.


Hearing Adam Frost, Chelsea Award Winning Garden Designer and Gardener’s World host, state that his goal for his own garden was to hopefully make something semi-beautiful was such a jolt! Instantly I felt released from the crazy ideas I have always had about making my garden look like a Chelsea garden, a perfect garden, an ideal garden. If Adam Frost isn’t expecting that of his own garden when it is literally his profession, why on earth would I expect it of mine!?!

It already feels incredibly liberating to shake off those notions of perfection and static images in my head of arbitrary goal gardens and see our garden for what it is: our space, our experiment, our vision that doesn’t have to have an end, meet a design brief, or ever be judged. Its a playground! Its a physical manifestation of our creativity and whims, the lessons we’ve learned and the mistakes in progress. It is a place of joy, relaxation, learning, healing, nourishment, and refuge. Everything a garden should be!

It feels rather corny to say this, but I honestly feel lighter and more at ease when I think about the garden! My personality type is certainly that of a perfectionist and someone who can be stubbornly determined, these are sometimes at odds with my creative side and my preference to mull things over ad nauseam- so having a mental image of what I want the garden to be, to look like, to feel like can be the through-line that keeps me on track. But all that makes it sound like a job! Like a singular thing to achieve, rather than something to enjoy, curate, and tinker with.

Getting “permission” to not have my garden (or any home garden) be Chelsea-worthy  from someone who makes Chelsea-worthy gardens for a living somehow was exactly what I needed to hear to let the joy and excitement creep back into my gardening. So, to Adam Frost, I say a hearty (and relieved) “Thank you” for letting me off the hook and making our garden fun again.


Here’s the first episode of the podcast, in video form.


PS: My shoulder surgery is slated for today so I’ll be out of the net for a while as I recover. I have a few posts in the bag that are scheduled and I’ll get back to posting as soon as I feel up to it! Wish me luck!

1 thought on “Great Expectations.”

  1. Thanks for the podcast recommendation. And I agree we shouldn’t have performance anxiety when it comes to our gardens. We should just relax and have fun with our gardens – that gives us the best gardens and the most joy at the end of the day. Good luck with the surgery.

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