Winter Walks

When nice winter days arrive (we’re talking anything above 32F, plus or minus sunshine or alternately super sunny and bitingly cold) I do like to hop out into the garden and do a bit of a walkabout. Its good to check in on the shrubs and hedges to look for any early signs of rodent damage and eyeball the trees to make sure all is well.

I like to stroll around the actual garden too, not that anything is really visible, but it makes me feel better.

And I like to check in on the greenhouse. Mostly just to check that there aren’t any snow or ice based issues forming (though after last year’s 4 feet of snow on its roof I’m pretty sure we’re okay so far this year- knock on wood).

I can’t pretend that there is much to speak of as far as genuine interest in the garden, but one can’t underestimate how nice it feels to get some fresh air and Vitamin D (a weak dose, to be fair) in the middle of winter.

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