Tidy is the Enemy of Good.

So, I was listening to the first episode of the second season of Roots, Wings, and Other Things podcast with Jez Rose and Adam Frost (of Gardener's World fame). Their guest was Frances Tophill (also of Gardener's World fame) and through their chat, Frances said something about guerilla gardening and showing that its okay to… Continue reading Tidy is the Enemy of Good.

Virtue Signaling In The Garden

Yoinks, y'all. I'm not going to link to the chain of articles that got me here, but suffice it to say one of the new authors over at Garden Rant's claim to fame is a scathing critique of the British NGS charity open garden system, which of course, I read. The gist of which is… Continue reading Virtue Signaling In The Garden

Garden Design Rules: Necessary or Joy Killers? The Debate Continues…

I was reading Margaret Roach's interview with Bill Noble about designing gardens that feel rooted to its particular geographical space. I always find this concept interesting and, frankly, appealing but its been an idea I struggle with recommending. How's that for non-sensical? Let me make it clearer- or at least try! You see about a… Continue reading Garden Design Rules: Necessary or Joy Killers? The Debate Continues…


I'll keep this brief as we are, given the considerably damp weather and forecast, undertaking a not-small home reno project in the hours after work (I'm "essential", so no shelter in place or WFH for me during the work week) so time is short for things like writing! I've got a handful of coworkers that… Continue reading Recommendations.

On Rules.

I was recently reading another gardening blog and she asked what gardening rules we found it hardest to abide by. My response was all of them! But let me clarify before you judge me: I am a very firm believer in horticultural rules. I believe in Right Plant, Right Place more than any other gardening… Continue reading On Rules.

Great Expectations.

I'm sure by now you've all figured out that I'm a fan of podcasts- particularly gardening ones. They are the ideal medium for my work and I manage to learn things while I screen cases. Just before the New Year I found "Roots, Wings, and Other Things" featuring Master Beekeeper Jez Rose and Chelsea Award… Continue reading Great Expectations.

Of Walls and Exasperation.

Retaining walls suck. I mean, yes, they serve a purpose and all, yadda, yadda,yadda. But they are ugly and fail with an unreasonable frequency and are HELLA expensive. Ugly things that fail shouldn't be expensive. Amirite? Our ugly and failing retaining wall has been pushed to the front burner since a rogue neighbor dog (dogs?)… Continue reading Of Walls and Exasperation.

In Defense of Right Plant, Right Place.

Recently the website Garden Rant (of which I only occasionally frequent) published an article claiming that Right Plant, Right Place is rubbish advice. I disagree. A lot. A whole lot in fact! You see, for a new gardener- or even one wanting to push the boat out a bit and try something new, or one… Continue reading In Defense of Right Plant, Right Place.

On Gravel Paths.

Sigh. Gravel paths, I cannot quit you even though you are (apparently) a better seed-starting medium than anything that can be bought in a store. I opted for gravel paths at the outset of this garden simply because I knew the paths couldn't be grass (what with all the quack grass running through it, our… Continue reading On Gravel Paths.

Horticultural Snobbery.

Listen, I'm all for putting your judgy pants on and going to town. We all have opinions and we love letting them fly. Maude knows I do- and I like to think I'm rather good at it. I've got really good judgy pants. However. There is a certain brand of Horticultural Snobbery (TM) that just… Continue reading Horticultural Snobbery.