I’m not actually in charge here, am I?

Gardening has taught me a great many things. Perhaps even more things than I can actually remember, but the most valuable lesson of all has been learning to roll with the punches.

As much as I feel like I’m the Captain and the garden is my ship, it never takes too long for Mother Nature to remind me that she is the Sea and no matter how steadfast a Captain I am or how seaworthy my ship, we are all at her mercy.

Winter has arrived on winged feet and my autumnal plans are but a footnote in the ledger of 2019. This is just how it is: Fall plans will now become Spring plans and my focus will, rather hastily, turn towards planning and scheming for next year.

But maybe Mother Nature was more in synch with us than I realized. You see, Rich has broken a few bones in his back, which sounds worse than it is- though it is still not good- and will require another month or more of rest and recuperation. Even if the weather was good, the retaining wall wasn’t ever going to get done this fall no matter how many lists I put it on. My new job has me working extra hours and daylight savings has really taken the wind out of my sails (not to mention the daylight out of my evenings!) so nothing has gone to plan and we are, as it would seem, very behind schedule.

I’ve bided my time, so far, by taking the role of Johnny Appleseed and obsessively dropping seeds around the garden. Winter Sowing wasn’t much of a success for me in containers this year so I figured if I wanted to give it a go again (which I did/do), the best way to try would be in situ. This will, hopefully, let me focus my seed starting money and effort into plants I don’t already have and a few key vegetables.

As far as year-end clean up goes, I started in the veg garden and… then I ended there. The weather dictates so much of my gardening duties come this time of the year and the good days never seemed to fall on the weekends. C’est la vie. I’m sure none of the hibernating and over-wintering critters in the garden will mind and it is certainly a task that is more than able to wait until spring. I was hoping to give the greenhouse a good cleaning and clean-out too, but again,  that can wait for spring.

So here we are, back at it again with the blog, but not much further ahead in the garden. But don’t fret- there are plans afoot for next year and much to prepare for! I hope you had a nicer fall than we did!

3 thoughts on “I’m not actually in charge here, am I?”

  1. I certainly hope Rich is on the mend and on his way to a full recovery.
    Please continue with your blog. You are an inspiration to me. As I’ve told you in person— I luv your style of writing!


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