Ramping up for Winter

Despite the oddly rainy and generally chilly September and October, we only just had our first hard (as in everything is completely covered in it) frost last week. And of course now snow is in the forecast multiple times this week. It ought to be just a dusting, but there’s no denying now we’re in the steady, chilly, downward slope into winter.

Readers, I am not ready!

You see, I adore fall gardening. Its such a lovely time of the year and so nice to be out in. Those cooler but bright, lightly crips autumn days are great for tidying up and finishing lingering projects. Soaking up the sunlight and fresh air that doesn’t sting your lungs. Sadly, we’ve had precious few days like that and, without fail, they’ve fallen mostly on weekdays (meaning work days). As a result, there are many tasks to be done but I’m running out of daylight to get them done. Literally.

We’ve still got to tackle the retaining wall- a project that’s been lingering since spring but has had to wait until the foliage of the surrounding perennials die down. IMG_7526

It isn’t a small job and we’ll need all of a weekend (or more) to tackle it properly. Wether we just fix the damaged section or do the whole stretch is another story. I suspect it will depend on both the weather and how successful we are on this DIY project.

I am not big on tidying up in the garden (other than the veg), but there are always a few plants that aren’t particularly pretty over winter that I like to clean up and get out of the garden now. If I’m being honest, I doubt that anything will get cleaned up this year. With any luck this spring won’t be too awful and I won’t be cursing myself when it comes to readying the garden. Cest la vie!

How are your fall gardens progressing? Have you had good fall weather for gardening, or are you suffering through damp, windy, drizzly conditions like us? What are the projects you are still trying to get in under the wire?


2 thoughts on “Ramping up for Winter”

  1. We’re pretty much done. Tonight will go into the 20s and we had snow yesterday – though it’s mostly melted now. Last thing I did was dig the Caladium tubers out of the pots and store them in a paper bag inside. Good luck with your retaining wall!

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  2. I am extremely behind in the fall task completion…too much traveling. And now it’s getting cold, damp and dark. (sigh!) Just hope I get all the bulbs planted before Thanksgiving, but I’d also hoped to replace a rotted bed in the potager, build some decorative tall supports, re-stain most of the raised beds, and get a load of mulch on all the beds once the bulbs are in. It’s looking pretty doubtful! 😦


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