Blooms, Finally!

Anemone ‘Honerine Jobert’ is happily romping through the garden and I’m always so glad to see it. What happy faces it has!


Tulip, ‘Double Maureen’ planted last year from Brent & Becky’s Bulbs all came up and are stunners.


Even more exciting, Fritilaria persica, decided it wanted to come up too and I am totally in love with this flower. I promise to post more glamour shots when it actually blooms. This photo is awful but I just had to post it.


The first batch of irises are blooming too, along with the ‘Bonfire’ Euphorbia. Seeing color other than green (which is still an utter delight after all those months of tan and brown) is nothing shy of joyous.



I also got a new tool for the dreaded weeds in the gravel. Its quite fierce and does a great job. The problem lies in tamping the gravel back down or not. That is a post for another day! This it the Corona Serrated Weeding Hoe (Here, on Amazon). I’m pleased with construction and relative ease of use. I don’t think it would be ideal for beds, but for gravel? Yes.

The final clean up is nearly done. Yes, that is shameful being that it is mid-May, but this Spring’s relentless snow and strange weather really hampered the clean up. This is only about 1/3 of the Dry Garden. Oy.


Rich thinks it would be better to clean up the woody perennials in Fall. I’m always wishy-washy about that as  I do love the structure they give in the winter. But perhaps the compromise is to leave the grasses up and tidy everything else?

I’m hoping this weekend (after the Royal Wedding, natch) will see the tomatoes et al planted out in the Veg garden, more weeding done, and a trip to the nursery for a few more ‘necessities’. Then, with the pots around the patio (post coming!) finished, we can finally consider the garden fully under-way!

4 thoughts on “Blooms, Finally!”

  1. Hi Cortney! So fun that you have irises already, and soon, fritallaria. I’ve wanted to add fritallaria here.Your garden is shaping up beautifully. I know A. Honorine Jobert as a late summer/fall Japanese anemone with very different leaves from yours, and wonder if perhaps your blooming one is a spring anemone with that more delicate and lacy foliage?


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