Spring, Skipped.

Well, its been hovering around 80F for the past week and next week (my much anticipated week off to work in the garden) should be more of the same, with some days reaching 90F. To say that is above average temps is a slight understatement. So we skipped right past Spring and launched headlong into Summer. I can’t say I’m thrilled about it, but its better than snow, right?

IMG_4982The ‘Double Maureen’ tulips are STILL going strong. Nary a drooping head or browning petal to be found more than two weeks on. I’m honestly so impressed with this variety and would wholeheartedly recommend it. (I do not see this variety available at Brent and Becky’s this year, but will certainly buy more next time it is available.)

IMG_4981The Prairie Smoke (Geum trifloum) is doing its thing in most beautiful fashion and I’m delighted with how its soft, dusty pink plays off the lovely pinky-red of the ‘Firefly’ coral bells. The Cee Garden is coming along nicely this year and, after a few more additions, will be a really lovely place to enjoy the firepit and….

IMG_4979The irises are but moments away from exploding into a riot of purple (deliciously grapey scented purple) and I cannot wait. I must confess that, prior to this garden, I could take or leave irises in general. But they are just so happy here and put on such a fantastic show for us every single year that I can’t help but love them. There will be many more iris photos to come.

IMG_4983The Veg Garden is now fully planted out and ready to go. The new strawberry patch (lower left) is already churning out berries and we should have the first taste of sun-warmed fruit in a week or so. Its a much larger patch than we’ve had in the past, though I’m still not sure it is big enough to produce enough berries to get them inside the house to cook with. Most of them never make it outside the garden gate. Nom.


The lupins are making me feel at one with Chelsea and the gardens are filling out nicely.

And we finally got a good dose of rain overnight and through the day. Much needed and fills up the water tanks which were rather low. We are still eyeball deep in weeding the gravel paths, but forward progress is being made. With any luck, this week off from work will allow us to get some belated projects completed and some new ones started.

I hope you all have a lovely, long Memorial Day weekend and that your spring weather is proving to be a bit more spring-like than ours!

7 thoughts on “Spring, Skipped.”

  1. You’re having the same weather as we are over here in Canada! Just finished my week off/work in the garden vacation and had to put on the air conditioning! Looking forward to seeing your posts on your vegetable garden.

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    1. I’m sorry you are having to suffer though this same weird, hot spring too! We’ve had the AC on for a few weeks now because it feels more like late June than May. Yuck. I hope you get some relief soon, we are sitting through thunderstorms right now and it is a delightful change of weather!

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  2. I started a couple dozen Russell Tall Lupines (from Seed Savers) last year and this. Last year I was away for about 5 weeks and 2 seedlings made it. This year, I planted out many, many seedlings from a winter sowing project and they’ve all taken. I don’t expect the new ones to bloom this year, but I am hoping for the older ones to show me something soon. Next year in my mind it will be a glorious patch, a sea, a meadow of lupines. In my mind at least. I am happy to see yours!!


  3. I get sad when we skip over the mild weather in spring and fall. We had crazy cold and crazy hot during the last month. Finally this weekend it was pleasantly cool, and we got a decent rain last night. You don’t see Lupines around here hardly ever, maybe because our soil is so alkaline. Your vegetable garden is an amazing setup, is that all for you?


    1. Thank you! And I 100% agree about this new season/weather pattern. Going straight into summer stuff is for the birds. Yes, the veggies are all just for us, but we do grow a lot of squash so the beds aren’t packed full for maximum production. Just plenty of room to grow what we feel like any given year. Plus a fair number have perennials like rhubarb, asparagus, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

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  4. Spring was a blink here as well, and May felt more like July. We have had the lowest rainfall since April 1 since 1925! Your veg garden looks terrific. The irises here lasted only about 4 days, despite my watering. The black raspberries are starting to ripen although they are only the size of a pencil eraser, even with a soaker hose! So, be happy you have had rain. It makes SUCH a difference.


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