A Capricious Winter.

Hoo Boy! You want some moody weather? Come here to the Upper Midwest where today we were colder than Antarctica (it was -11F there, we had -14F!) and by the weekend we are slated to have +42F and rain followed yet again by single digits and snow.

screen shot 2019-01-30 at 4.30.12 pm

I know the old joke was always, “If you don’t like the weather in [insert state name here], just wait 15 minutes! It’ll change!” but this is taking it to new extremes. I mean, when’s the last time you had a 60 degree temperature swing in a matter of days? Especially from well (well) below freezing to 10 degrees above!

I shant complain much about the extreme cold. We live in the North, it gets cold and sometimes really, really cold- its all to be expected. What is worrisome is the incredible fluctuation in temperatures. Early January was like this. Last Spring was like this (as in there was no Spring, it was just Winter straight into Summer) and so was Fall (straight into Winter with the merest hint of Fall). I’m beginning to wonder if this lack of reliable weather patterns IS the new normal. That isn’t the most comforting thought…

At the very least I’ll be happy we got a half foot of snow just before the bitter temperatures hit- my plants are mostly (hopefully) safe under a blanket of insulation. The tall, unmowed grass of the prairie hillside is providing loads of warm hiding places for wildlife and the bird feeders are full (and busy!). And, it is quite pretty outside.


How are you all holding up? Chicago took a real beating and my family in Milwaukee got a whole lot more snow than we did. I think we didn’t come close to getting the worst of it- I hope none of you did either! Stay warm everyone, and get that sunscreen ready for the weekend! HA!


1 thought on “A Capricious Winter.”

  1. We’re surviving I tell myself that we should be happy that it is now February which is arguably the last month of winter, but not really. I think unseasonably warm winters are more upsetting than really cold winters.


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