Standing By…

I’ve not posted because I couldn’t bear to post anything else with a photo of snow or laden with complaints about the weather. Frankly, snow and complaints are all we’ve had this week. So, slim pickings…

We do appear to be on the brink of a real-deal, long-term warm up so that prospect is lovely. I’m hoping things melt quickly as the migratory birds are having an awful time finding food and, honestly, staying alive. That has my heart a bit heavy so we have loads of bird seed out, but that is little help to woodcocks and robins who need worms and grubby things. Mother Nature can be quite cruel, not just to us whiny gardeners.

But I’ve lapsed into complaint, so I must change topics.

My tomato seedlings are languishing! I’ve never had this problem before so I’ve been scrambling to decode the signs. I think I’ve narrowed it down to 2 errors on my part. 1) the new compostable pots retain more water than I think they do so I’ve likely done a bit of over-watering. 2) I took them off the heating mat (as I thought they were drying out– see #1) and I don’t believe they were happy in the cooler spot. They are now back on the heating mat and I’m monitoring soil moisture with fingers rather than eyeballs. With any luck, they will get back on track soon.

Sad, yellowish leaves, slow secondary leaf growth. Boo hiss. Pardon the weird rainbow-effect across the photo- I know not where that came from.

I had to put my Purging the Plastics research to use as my plastic (flimsy ones) trays all sprang cracks or leaks rendering it impossible to water my deep-root plugs without also watering the floor. I scooped up two of the basic metal boot trays I highlighted at Target and put them to use post haste. I love them and would absolutely recommend them. They are large, sturdy, and I will be taking them with me to The Home.

Galvanized Sheet Boot Tray - Zinc Finish - Smith & Hawken™ - image 1 of 1

So roomy! So water-tight! Happy Nicotiana!

The cucurbits and squash are just starting to sprout, making me very pleased.


The peppers and eggplants are rollicking away and leaving the sad tomatoes in the dust. Just look at those true leaves!

Disregard the rogue cilantro seedlings. Growing everywhere but where I wanted them to.

We braved Sunday’s awful snowstorm to hit up one of our larger, local greenhouse’s opening days. I grabbed some Eversweet Strawberries (18 in all) as our patch needs refurbishing this year. Lovely, fat plants!

So green!

The fava beans are pretending to be patient, though we all know the truth. I’m just glad things are warm enough in the greenhouse that I don’t have to fret nightly.


And, lest we think the snow was wreaking too much havoc on the wee green things, hope, it springs eternal.


Hoping to hit 60 F on Sunday and that this white stuff will be a thing of the past!

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