Purging the Plastics: Trugs, Tools, & Watering Cans

In this installation of Purging the Plastics, I'm going to take on trugs and buckets, tools, and watering cans. Its a bit of a mish-mash, but I don't honestly think each one needs its own post- efficiency! Trugs: Confession: I have 4 rubbery-plastic trug/buckets that I adore and couldn't imagine working without. Here they are… Continue reading Purging the Plastics: Trugs, Tools, & Watering Cans

Favorite Tools- 2018.

This isn't Oprah. There is no free swag under your chair. I'm truly sorry about that. But you are going to get a list of the things I can't be without in the garden. That's just as good, right? Anyway. Not a single thing on this list is sponsored or was given to me (other… Continue reading Favorite Tools- 2018.