UPDATE: BritBox and the Return of Gardener’s World.

UPDATE: (Friday, March 8th, 5pm) I reached out to the nice folks at BritBox regarding when the new episodes of Gardener's World 2019 would start airing. Their response was quick, but not very specific: I'll confess to being a bit disappointed that there isn't already a plan for the roll-out of GW. It was never… Continue reading UPDATE: BritBox and the Return of Gardener’s World.

A Chat With Monty Don and Tim Richardson

This video is from 2016, so certainly not new, but it is new to me and I want you all to watch it! Its just north of an hour, so it might be best suited to a slow evening and paired with a glass of wine. Or perhaps a weekend morning with a cuppa. Either… Continue reading A Chat With Monty Don and Tim Richardson

Gardens on your Television.

Here's my list of awesome garden & gardening shows to search out on YouTube or whatever other perfectly legal method you have for watching non-United Sates based television. (I'm not going to provide links since there are a number of ways to find these shows and YouTube channels come and go so quickly.) I've watched… Continue reading Gardens on your Television.

British Gardening on Netflix!

Hey y'all! Just wanted to share the news that both Big Dreams, Small Spaces with Monty Don (Season 1 only) and Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh (Season 1 only) are now on Netflix! Woo hoo! These are both great shows (though not as great as Gardener's World) but still quality gardening programming that puts… Continue reading British Gardening on Netflix!