Dry Garden Do Over: This Year’s Progress

Well, so far I've done a fair bit of cleaning up of this area. Thus far it has consisted of: Removing (relocating) the Ohio Spiderwort plants Thinning and Isolating the Anise Hyssop Removing the thousands (millions???) of Indiangrass seedlings Removing the small clumps of Iris and adding them to existing swaths Pulling up California Poppies… Continue reading Dry Garden Do Over: This Year’s Progress

What Went Wrong: Dry Garden Edition.

Oh, where to start! No sense beating around the bush, let's get into it: Anise Hyssop. It took over everything and self seeds everywhere. It makes the whole space seem higgeldy piggeldy and unkempt- even when it isn't- simply by existing in every nook and cranny available. Ohio Spiderwort. This time of year it is… Continue reading What Went Wrong: Dry Garden Edition.