We've been away and have just returned- hence the blog silence. We were privileged to be invited to attend the United States Naval Academy graduation for one of Rich's former cadets. It was a beautiful week in Gettysburg, PA and Annapolis, MD. Lovely warm sunshine, everything was so green and flowering! Gettysburg was surprisingly wild… Continue reading Return!

The Coming Chill.

The weather is taking a significant and protracted turn for the cold and wet. And you'll notice the overnight low on Friday is a chilly 33F. Its fair to assume the first frost will greet us Saturday morning. With all that in mind, things have kicked into high gear in the interest of safeguarding plants… Continue reading The Coming Chill.

Dry Garden Do Over: This Year’s Progress

Well, so far I've done a fair bit of cleaning up of this area. Thus far it has consisted of: Removing (relocating) the Ohio Spiderwort plants Thinning and Isolating the Anise Hyssop Removing the thousands (millions???) of Indiangrass seedlings Removing the small clumps of Iris and adding them to existing swaths Pulling up California Poppies… Continue reading Dry Garden Do Over: This Year’s Progress

Dry Garden Revamp: Getting Stuck In (Part 1)

This is easily the ugliest photo I've ever posted. But would you just look at how much Anise Hyssop I pulled out of just one area!!! Today was incredibly slow at work and also had the benefit of being 68C and partly cloudy. I took the day off and stayed at home to get this… Continue reading Dry Garden Revamp: Getting Stuck In (Part 1)

What Went Wrong: Dry Garden Edition.

Oh, where to start! No sense beating around the bush, let's get into it: Anise Hyssop. It took over everything and self seeds everywhere. It makes the whole space seem higgeldy piggeldy and unkempt- even when it isn't- simply by existing in every nook and cranny available. Ohio Spiderwort. This time of year it is… Continue reading What Went Wrong: Dry Garden Edition.

Fight the Good Fight or Wave the White Flag?

In my mind, I'm a very Zen sort of gardener. If a plant doesn't thrive, I don't try again. I don't fight the good fight to get something to grow. I don't amend my flower beds. I don't irrigate. I'm very 'fend for yourself' once something is planted and watered in. Let Nature take its… Continue reading Fight the Good Fight or Wave the White Flag?

The Dry Garden

I thought I might give you all some tours of the garden spaces we currently have so that you can get to know the place, get an idea of our style(s), and how we got here. The Dry Garden is the very first space we did (after the veg garden got placed) and therefore contains… Continue reading The Dry Garden