A few more for good measure.

Oh readers, I've done a thing. I planted out all the bulbs I ordered, finishing with about 100 daffodils. It felt so good! For like, 15 minutes. Then, I found myself standing out in the yard, bulb planter in one hand, the other hand on my hip, and an empty tray at my feet. I… Continue reading A few more for good measure.

Bulbs Ahoy!

My Brent & Becky's order arrived late last week- exactly at the beginning of a mildly-frustrating combination of continuous rain and a weekend away. So, on the dining room table they've sat. A silent reminder that I'm way, way behind on my fall tasks in no small part to the blasted weather. The bulbs arrived… Continue reading Bulbs Ahoy!


It is 72F and rainy today. It is entirely likely that today is the extent of our Indian Summer, which if true, would be wretched. The variation in weather we've had has been extreme to say the least. I feel like all I do is post about the weather lately, but this far north, well,… Continue reading October.

Fall 2018 Bulb Order

In fairness, some of these are for my Mom, but it'll be another banner year for bulb planting here at Chez Box & Bay. Narcissus 'Jetfire' (Cyclamineus type) - to be scattered on the hillside and orchard Narcissus 'Classic Garden' (Trumpet type) - to be scattered on the hillside and orchard Tulipa 'Prinses Irene' -… Continue reading Fall 2018 Bulb Order

My Sources for Plants and Seeds.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Here are the sources I swear by for plants and seeds. We all have our favorites and I would really love to hear about yours in the comments! Local(ish) : Gerten's. Minneapolis, MN. It calls itself a "destination garden center" with good reason. TONS and tons of varieties and sizes… Continue reading My Sources for Plants and Seeds.