Sunny San Diego

Last week I was shuttled off to San Diego for work. It was a breakneck pace, but we did have one half day to explore and there were many sunset dinners at very posh restaurants. But the best part was all the green and sunshine! Oh, and the blooms! I'll put up another post shortly… Continue reading Sunny San Diego

South Dakota.

All this talk of American Gardens, pioneering spirit, and rewilding got me thinking about what, exactly, spurred my love of prairies. I suspect it had much to do with our years spent living amongst them. We lived in South Dakota, near Sturgis and in Rapid City, at the base of the Black Hills for about… Continue reading South Dakota.

William Paca Gardens

While in Annapolis last May- gosh that feels like such a long time ago!- we stopped by the William Paca Gardens as a short change of pace from all things Navy. I'd heard great things and seen beautiful photos online, so my expectations we reasonably high that we'd get a lovely historical garden tour. It… Continue reading William Paca Gardens

Monty Don’s American Gardens

I was oh so happy to start watching Monty Don's three-part series on American Gardens (BBC, but also on YouTube I hear) during my shoulder surgery convalescence (it has taken me quite a long time to type this with one hand!). It was utterly delightful to see the breadth and depth and uniqueness of so… Continue reading Monty Don’s American Gardens

The Gardens of The Grand.

My lovely Mom and I went on a weekend getaway to The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, Michigan back in September 2019. It had been something she had long wanted to do, and the timing was finally right. It was a glorious late-summer-early-fall weekend, thought the trees hadn't started changing, the air was a bit… Continue reading The Gardens of The Grand.


We've been away and have just returned- hence the blog silence. We were privileged to be invited to attend the United States Naval Academy graduation for one of Rich's former cadets. It was a beautiful week in Gettysburg, PA and Annapolis, MD. Lovely warm sunshine, everything was so green and flowering! Gettysburg was surprisingly wild… Continue reading Return!

Santa Fe Botanical Garden.

I'm going to switch up gears for a bit, lest this blog turn into Veg Seeds Only (TM). In October we took to the skies and headed to Santa Fe for our 10 year anniversary (Yay Us!). As usual, we made a point to stop by the area Botanical Garden. The Santa Fe Botanical Garden… Continue reading Santa Fe Botanical Garden.

Santa Fe.

Hello! We've just returned from a relaxing break to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Though we expected warmer temperatures (60-70F) we got clouds and 40F. But, it was still a lovely change of scenery and a relaxing getaway. I'm back at it here. Finishing up the bulb planting and cleaning out the greenhouse. There will be… Continue reading Santa Fe.