We are getting there y'all! February was absolutely brutal here, weeks of temperatures in the negative teens, random unforecasted snow, just general yuck. Cold, gross, worst-part-of-winter yuck. But it is over and we are in March and things can only get sunnier, warmer, less snowy from here. Hooray! Photo by Matheus Bertelli on March… Continue reading March.


A few weeks ago (mid-March) we took advantage of the drier conditions and perfect winds to burn a few sections of our prairie. Its something we'd been planning for and looking forward to since last fall. We knew, once we decided we wanted areas of tall-grass on our property, that we'd have to manage it… Continue reading Burning.

Not so fast!

Oh Mother Nature, you sneaky fiend! I'm not sure how to interpret this latest bit of tomfoolery- it feels rather spiteful what with everything else going on in the world. Then again, maybe it is just a distraction to give our minds something else to fret over for a day or two. Who knows, but… Continue reading Not so fast!


There is a particular brand of joy that is unique to the truly Northern segments of this great country (no, Washington, you don't count). It doesn't take much to stir the beginnings of this unique subset of joy... you feel it coming on (a bit like when you know you've started to blush) when the… Continue reading Elation!


I just thought we could all use a reminder of what is waiting for us on the other side of winter. Its snowing like the Dickens here today and Lord knows these long, cold, dreary days of January and February make it hard to remember that Spring will, eventually, come back. So here are some… Continue reading THINK SPRING!