A Rethink for 2021: The Cee Garden

Back when we first installed what we call the Cee garden (so named because the aerial view of the bed looks like the letter C) my vision was to use the red and fuchsia Monarda we inherited at the house along with the fuchsia peonies we were gifted by my parents (they came with the… Continue reading A Rethink for 2021: The Cee Garden


Oh grasses, when you are good- you are so very good! But when you are bad? You are HORRID. Case in point: Good! Beautiful Little Bluestem mixed in with that 'Arcado Pink' Hyssop. What isn't to love? Good: Look how lovely these Big and Little Bluestem play with the willow (not-so Dwarf Arctic Blue) and… Continue reading Grasses.