Early and Often.


The snow situation here in northern Wisconsin has been a bit ahead of schedule and a bit too eager/aggressive for my liking recently.

Last Wednesday we got a record (for any day in the entire month of October) 6.9″ of snow.

This afternoon (Sunday) we’re hunkered down and watching the flakes fly again (header photo) and add more snow onto the only partially melted remains of Wednesday’s mess. Oy.

I’ll say that I’m pleased I got the bulbs planted and Veg garden cleared out when I did. And that we cleaned up the pond and finished the arbor ahead of this weather. But there is still patio furniture that needs to thaw out and dry off before we can store it… and I’m not at all convinced that it’ll happen before Spring 2021 at this rate!

Either way, I hope you all are drier, warmer, and without the unnecessary dusting of the cold, white stuff. I’m going to spend the rest of today searching for real estate somewhere warmer…

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