Green With Envy.

I’ve made this post before.

I will likely make it again about this time next year.

My blog roll and Instagram feeds are full of blooming Snowdrops, Iris ritculata, Crocuses, and Narcissus. There are people digging over and preparing their allotments. There are people actually gardening and I’m positively ripe with envy.

Damn those Brits and their temperate climate!!!

Aside from my obvious (and very tiresome) sling preventing me from doing the same, there is a heavy-duty winter storm barreling towards us with the promise of 6″+ of snow and whiteout conditions. Last night after dinner with friends the air temperature was -7F. Rich and I asked each other why we chose to live here. Aside from being close to family, we came up empty. We always do in the depths of January and February.

I suppose I should be more grateful for the blooms and green grass, the unfrozen ground and sunny greenhouses. They do brighten my mood and are a pleasant change from whatever other content is trickling into my feed. I just can’t help but be envious…

9 thoughts on “Green With Envy.”

    1. Too right! My husband and I often debate the merits of moving somewhere a bit further south for both the lack of miserable winters and the more genteel pace of gardening! Though I’m not sure how I’d fare with snakes more dangerous than Garters in the garden!
      I’ve got my indoor plants for some green, but I’m afraid of the havoc my cats would wreak on anything like forced bulbs. Might be worth the risk just for those elusive blooms tough!
      I too love some BBC gardening videos! Monty Don is doing a 3 part series on American Gardens that is airing now if you can find it on YouTube.


    1. We watched it last night too! The lady in New Orleans who had no idea who Monty was made me cringe! But yes, it’s such a lovely showcase of our gardens. I can’t wait for the next one.


  1. I love these Irises. Mine are just peaking out of the ground with the tips of the foliage. I look forward to watching the Monty Don’s garden show. Have been seeing a lot of Facebook garden buddies mentioning it. I am in the Southern states, we just have most of our rain in the winter- so soggy but not snowy, and definitely not bitter cold.

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    1. Me too! Though ours are a few months off at least. They are the one thing I’m kicking myself for not planting more of last fall. Try searching YouTube for Monty’s show, you might have some luck yet!

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