Seeds Ahoy!

Much to my delight the seed catalogs have started coming  in hot and heavy. Fedco Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, Baker Creek and High Mowing Organics have already arrived and I’m like a kid in a candy store. The bonus to these catalogs coming before the holidays is that my memory of both this past year’s garden and my list of things I claimed I would/wouldn’t do for next year are fresh in my memory- much  more so than after the holidays!

I’ve been highlighting and dog-earing my copies and trying very hard to keep to my plans (I’ll get to those later, its a post-in-progress!). So far, so good. I’m always interested in new varieties but I hate ordering just a few seeds from a bunch of different vendors- its the shipping charges that get me- so I tend to shop around for the vendor that a) I’ve had good luck with their seeds and b) have the assortment of seeds I want that particular year. I’ll usually end up ordering from 2 or 3 places max to keep the extra dollars spent on shipping to a minimum.

I’m already elbow deep in a large list in my shopping cart over at They are a UK based company, but they have an exceptional selection of flower seeds as well as a respectable veg seed section and give near-encyclopedic levels of information on cultivation, growing conditions, etc on everything they sell. I’m a big fan and suggest you checking them out- the shipping tends to be a wee bit higher since its coming across The Pond, but I’ll also confess that I’ve had US based companies charge nearly the same for similar (or smaller) orders. And their packaging is the best I’ve seen.

Seed Savers Exchange always gets me excited about the heirloom apple varieties they have each year. I’m not sure I’ll be getting any this go ’round, but I love the work they are doing to keep these rare varieties commercially available.

High Mowing Organic has a Wisconsin bred beet that I’d really like to try, but Baker Creek has such great variety too (though their new website is a mess- such troubles logging in and it lost my whole cart out of nowhere- ugh). Such decisions!

Where are you all shopping from and are you readying that order yet or shelving it for a post-holidays treat?

2 thoughts on “Seeds Ahoy!”

  1. I order most of my flower seeds from Geo (wholesale) and this year my vegetable seeds are divided between Pinetree & Seeds N Such. Both offer a wide variety of both heirloom and hybrid seeds, and prices are very reasonable. Pinetree offers smaller sized packets (at a lower price) which is great for a two-person household or for experimenting with new varieties without spending a fortune. I also like Territorial, but there’s enough leftover seeds from last year’s order to grow what’s needed. I’ll check out seedaholic for sure.

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