A Foul Weather Blogger?

Hello Friends!

As the temperatures start to dip (which reminds me to go out and cover the citrus and fig trees, the jasmine and bougainvillea as the low tonight is in the upper 30sF), the skies get grayer and the foliage gets more and more colorful I feel the urge to blog again. Perhaps I’m the type that blogs in lieu of gardening- I’m hoping you readers are okay with that!

Its been a strange year here but nothing extraordinary. Its been very wet, with most of the rain coming in deluges and bucketfulls rather than gentle, soaking rains. The Veg Garden has been spectacular for peppers (still going!) and eggplants. The rain has caused a lot of splitting in the tomatoes and the excessive winds during the storms has toppled and left many of the same tomato plants askew or even flat.

I’ve managed to “finish” planting the beds in the East and West Gardens, the threat of a garden tour next year kicked me into overdrive through much of August and September. Alas, the tour will have to wait for another year, but at least the planting is on its way to getting established.

The pond has been reconsidered, shelved, brought back out, relocated, and loosely finalized for next spring. More to come…

As the light is fading here, now around 7pm which will feel incredibly late come January, this blog feels like the right place to come back to. There’s less and less to do in the garden and all plans (save the blasted retaining wall) will have to wait until 2020 (!), so it only makes sense to talk about gardens now that I won’t be able to be out in the garden. I do hope you don’t hold it against me that I’m a crap garden blogger once there’s actual gardening to be had!

4 thoughts on “A Foul Weather Blogger?”

    1. Thank you Susan! 🙂 I’ll keep an eye out next season for that tomato- though I did just vow not to do any cherry-types next year- you might have swayed me!


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