Trying Something New.

Dear Readers- I’m such a bad blogger. I suspect its not just because it is summer and there are more pressing things to do than write blog posts. Its because there’s something about this medium feels more like a drag/effort (which it absolutely should not be, talking about ones own garden should always be fun!) than a joy.

I’m sure some of this has to do with the big changes going on with my job switch and how busy we’ve been- its felt nearly impossible to keep current and actually sit down to write anything and my motivation to do it has been utterly absent.

I still very much want to share my garden and whatever bits and bobs I have in the moment, so I think for a little while I’m going to try using another platform to do my sharing. I’m a big fan of Instagram and I know not everyone is, but if you are so inclined to follow me over there, I would LOVE to hear from you!

Screenshot 2019-06-25 at 08.57.12.png

You can search for me by either my real name or my ridiculous handle (blame Brooklyn 99). I’m going to try to post really regularly, which I think will be easier for me- partly because I’m already using the app throughout the day and partly because the text content won’t have to be so dense.

I will be keeping this site active and who knows, maybe the writing bug will bite me again (probably this winter? maybe?) and I’ll take up posting again. I’ll still be reading and commenting on blogs too- I wouldn’t dream of giving that up! But for now, things will be quiet here. Please come follow me over on Instagram and thank you for being such great readers!


2 thoughts on “Trying Something New.”

  1. I feel like that’s a permanent struggle with blogging! Wanting to write, and then not having the time and feeling guilty about not writing. It seems to never end! (I’m on a once a month post schedule at this point). You do you, friend!!!!! Can’t wait to see more photos!!!

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    1. Thanks for understanding! The struggle is real! I’m hoping this will be a super easy transition- loads of the gardening folks I follow don’t use blogs anymore and rely on Insta- so it doesn’t seem like a terrible idea yet!

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