Of Walls and Exasperation.

Retaining walls suck. I mean, yes, they serve a purpose and all, yadda, yadda,yadda. But they are ugly and fail with an unreasonable frequency and are HELLA expensive. Ugly things that fail shouldn’t be expensive. Amirite?

Our ugly and failing retaining wall has been pushed to the front burner since a rogue neighbor dog (dogs?) decided to dig not one, but 4 massive holes at the base of ours. The Great Wall of China is in better shape than our four foot one, which is now in a jumbled heap.



Insurance won’t cover it because the wall damage is incidental to the holes in the ground. Apparently Godzilla would have to show up to your house and actively tear down your wall (without any holes below it) in order for it to be covered. Being an adult is so much fun.

AND! The worst part is that the contractor told us that we’d have to clear 4 feet of garden on the top of the wall and a full 6 feet at the bottom for a skidster to move along. The top part isn’t a problem, but the bottom?

Folks. That is a 50 foot length, 6 feet deep of mature garden full of tap-rooted perennials and shrubs.

I mean…

I just can’t even envision how one would tackle something like this.

We are waiting to see what our local landscaping guys will say about our options and if a skidster is really necessary. I’m desperately hoping the local guys will have a plan that is kinder to the garden than this contractor that was just out to get measurements (oh the trampling of plants!). And of course, we are waiting to see if we can re-use the block we have ($$) or if we have to buy all new blocks ($$$$). It would have been so much more fun to spend this money on a pool!

So that is the fun that we are mired in and why we have been lacking on posting. I promise to follow up tomorrow with glamour shots of flowers which is far more fun than gross retaining walls and unexpected expenses!

3 thoughts on “Of Walls and Exasperation.”

  1. OMG…the dog dug a tunnel! Call my neighbor who does them on the side….see if he can help you out more reasonably priced. Ryan Erickson…715-828-6372. Tell him I said to call him. Nancy Spak


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