We’ve been away and have just returned- hence the blog silence. We were privileged to be invited to attend the United States Naval Academy graduation for one of Rich’s former cadets. It was a beautiful week in Gettysburg, PA and Annapolis, MD. Lovely warm sunshine, everything was so green and flowering!

Gettysburg was surprisingly wild and there were beautiful irises still in bloom.


The Gettysburg Cemetery where Lincoln made his famous speech was surprisingly full of specimen trees- a balm to all the talk of death and destruction.

As one might imagine the grounds of the Naval Academy are nothing short of spectacular. The Kousa Dogwoods (Cornus kousa) were in full bloom and a few magnolias were still holding on to flowers. Sadly, there are no photos to share. I was too engaged in conversation and sightseeing to bother with photos. Rookie move!

At home the word was that it was still cold and gloomy, but the garden marched on.

We came home to a much lusher and greener garden- a sight for sore eyes!- and happily the tulips that I thought would have passed their prime were just coming into it. Perhaps the cold and gloom had a benefit after all?

Belle Epoque
Night Club
Avignon Parrot
James Last
Prinses Irene

The apples and crabapples (that link goes to another shameless plug for you all to watch Schitt’s Creek) were also in full bloom when we drove up the driveway- its easily the best these trees have ever looked and certainly their showiest display yet. Just lovely.


The air smells of lilac, which is new for us, and I can’t help but pat myself on the back for ordering 30-odd tiny trees 3 years ago. We are absolutely reaping the rewards of that and it is among my favorite springtime delights.

The irises and anemones are starting to put on a show, but only just. Its a preview of things to come and I’m so excited that the Dry Cottage Garden, in particular, really seems to be coming into its own this year. Its filling out and in, more cohesive (thanks to last fall’s revamping), and feels more established. I can’t wait to share more photos once everything hits its stride.


Today is more rain and gloom, with- apparently- more to come. But soon there will be more sunshine and work out in the garden can begin again. After all, there are veggies to be planted!

Thanks for bearing with me during the short absence- we are both looking forward to a more regular pace of life again- even though vacation was amazing!

5 thoughts on “Return!”

  1. Yes, this cool weather has given us longer-lasting tulips. Crabapples are a wonderful trees – everyone should have at least one Crabapple! As for Schitt’s Creek, I’ve watched a couple of episodes but couldn’t get into it. Maybe I can give it another chance.


    1. The characters take a while to get to know and like, but it is so funny once you get into it! This spring has just been so weird weather-wise- irises are blooming next to tulips and daffodils and lilacs. Strange doings!


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