It’s been A WEEK.

Y’all. Its been such a week.

First I had to tell my most amazing co-workers ever that I accepted a job at a different hospital (still in the same area). It is a move that makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons and for a lot of people, but it was a hard one to make and I’m really sad to not be able to work with those amazing ladies every day. I’m excited for the new position, but sad and frustrated that I felt I had to leave my current one. Its complicated and messy and it will ultimately be good(ish) for everyone- but boy oh boy I’m going to miss our team. It’s not been an easy couple of days breaking the news and confronting my emotions.

Then I noticed a lump on our oldest cat Frodo (7 year old adorable but surly flufferbutter abandoned by his real mom at less than two weeks old in the middle of the street in Rapid City, South Dakota wherein he landed in my care to be raised, nurtured, healed, and loved). I suspected it was his tail tumor from 2014 coming back to haunt him and us. Sadly, I was right. We are awaiting pathology confirmation and consultation with the specialist surgeon regarding limb amputation. He’ll get boatloads of healthy years if we can amputate with clean margins (meaning no tumor within a certain boundary of where you cut- this immensely improves outcomes with surgical removal of tumors) and tripod cats adjust really well, but we need heaps and gobs of good juju and lucky to make sure we can do the amputation AND not have leftover tumor hanging around. I’m endlessly glad he’s not in pain right now and that we have the means to do whatever is necessary, but this was a real blow and has hit me hard.

Readers, I’ve cried a lot this week. And I don’t even feel like gardening.

It’s been cold and dreary. The air is damp and it isn’t enjoyable to linger outside. There is much to be done, but the weather just isn’t cooperating. I should be planting seeds right now, but the soil temps are too low and will only slow germination and growth. It’ll be best to wait for warmth, but at this rate (and with the raised bed upgrades in progress) I’m starting to come to terms with a garden that might not look how I planned it. And you know what? That’s totally okay.

With any luck the tides will turn on all these things and start pushing us in a more positive (and warmer) direction. I’ve you’ve got any luck and juju to spare, send it Frodo’s way. We’d very much appreciate it.

Screenshot 2019-05-02 at 17.34.27.png

Please enjoy the warm sunshine wherever you are and have a really terrific weekend! ❤

1 thought on “It’s been A WEEK.”

  1. I am sending all my cat love to you and Frodo! We have lost our senior cat to kidney disease last month, and it was heartbreaking, even though I know she was not suffering. I hope the amputation works out for him, and you’ll have many more happy years together!


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