I’m loathe to sound like I’m bragging, but we didn’t get a scant whiff of that snow they were predicting. Not even rain! My parents down near Milwaukee got a few inches, but we got off with just a blustery and damp day.

In the garden things are really ramping up despite the occasional light frosts at night.


The tulips are making great progress everywhere in the garden, but the wattle fence is always the best (and first) spot to get going. I can’t wait for the blooms!

The lilacs we planted 4 years ago are finally going to flower this year and for that I am beyond excited- what a treat to look forward to! The lupines are going strong too- it isn’t especially green in the garden just yet, but we are on our way!

And then, as the season is just getting started, we started a new (unplanned) project. Rich wanted to upgrade and beef up the raised beds in the Veg garden, so we are trading out the cedar 1″x6″ boards for two rows of 2″x6″ boards.IMG_7053

You can see that it makes a big difference and while the new ones are untreated pine, I think they’ll have better longevity than the shorter cedar ones that were starting to split and lift out of position.


Once completed, the beds will get topped off with fresh soil and compost from our favorite place (Hey Henderson’s!). Some of the beds will require a bit more work to get in (like the ones with the peas already in it) and will get topped up in the late fall with new soil, but I think it will make both a practical and visual improvement to the whole area.

The only remaining question is if we should stain them the matching dark gray (Benjamin Moore’s French Beret) on the fence or leave them unstained? Thoughts?

I hope your Spring is moving along nicely too- we’ve got loads of rain this week so not much chance to get anything done, but the plants are loving it!

4 thoughts on “Forward!”

  1. They will last longer if stained and it will really pull the area together. But . . . as if you already don’t have plenty to do in spring!! If it were me it would probably not get done just because there are so many other tasks competing for my attention, plus uncooperative weather.

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    1. I think staining them is the way to go too- and at least its a job that can wait until summer. I think its too cold and dreary for that sort of work anyway! (And yes, too many other duties calling for attention right now anyway!)


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