My goodness I wish I had something fun or exciting to post. Instead we are just waiting around for the snow to melt. Again.

It should be gone by mid-week as temps are slated to move into the 60F range and rain is in the forecast. One can only hope.

Instead I’ve reseeded a few tomatoes and peppers that didn’t sprout. It happens and I don’t always know why, but it isn’t too late to do a second round so we’ll see how it goes going forward. The other seedlings are doing pretty well, though it is hard to get that really rambunctious growth in the colder basement, so I’m still not sold on that being the forever location for seed starting. Perhaps I need to look into the shelving unit set-ups that I see online, that might be a way for us to keep it going in a warmer location without such a large footprint. A project for next winter!

We also set to work on the tuteur that will live in the potager this year. It was a fairly easy build and we’re quite pleased with the outcome.


Don’t let all that sunshine fool you- while it was a lovely day- there’s still a whole bunch of snow lingering.


See! Anyway, the tuteur is about 8 feet tall and will be perfect for annual vines. I’m excited to get it planted and see how it changes the space– something I’ve been keen to do since last year.

I will say that it feels very much like once the snow melts things will start moving quickly so best to get going on the preparations for planting. I think Rich will head over to our favorite landscape center soon to get the Cowsmo (a favorite local compost making company that pairs with a dairy farm to make use of all the waste) we’ll need to top off the veggie beds. I’ll be moving more plants out to the greenhouse to try to jumpstart that vigorous growth and get us on our way!

I hope your snow has melted wherever you are and that your Spring is off to a fantastic start!

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