Wesley, Part II

This was Tuesday afternoon.


This is Wednesday evening (6pm).


This (Thursday) morning.




At least its kind of pretty?

The winds are howling and the snow drifts are building. The winds are oddly coming out of the East (rare for us) so most of those drifts are in our driveway’s favor this time around.  The freezing rain/snow has started back up as I’m typing this, only with thunder and lightening joining in the mix.  What a strange system this one is.

There is more snow and wind slated for the rest of today and ice and rain later on tonight. Tomorrow ought to be marginally better and the weekend has our temps back above freezing so my hope is that this doesn’t stick around for long.

Once the winds die down we’ll go out and shovel out some grass for the robins who are, no doubt, regretting their migratory timing.



As I sit here and type this, looking out on a strangely yellow sky (no filter on that photo!) and gales of blowing snow and thunder, I can’t help but laugh/cry at the planting calendar sitting next to me. The pea seeds could have gone out this week… they would have been fine under all this snow, but I thought better of it and will hold off until this blanket of white is gone.

At least the seedlings in the greenhouse are all tucked in and warm(ish). The oil heater (best purchase ever) is keeping it around 42F, paired with the heavy blanket of snow on top and a buffer between the window and plants of outdoor pillows and old blankets. Its nice and cozy in there, all things considered, so I’m not worried about any of these little ones.


(Please pardon the mess!)

In any event, I hope you all are being spared from this mess and that your Spring is progressing in a more linear pattern than ours is! Send whatever sunshine and warm weather you have our way so that we can quickly put this second winter behind us!


5 thoughts on “Wesley, Part II”

  1. ah yes, Spring in Wisconsin…then on the other hand, winter, summer and fall can bring some big surprises as well. But you have plants sprouting and looking so very happy and eager…..that brings hope! hang in there!!!!!!

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    1. Yes, we had a similar storm 2 years ago, same week. Its just an unfortunate side-effect of living where we do- but that doesn’t mean we have to like it, right?


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