Rain and Other Things

We spent this weekend helping our son and his family move into their new house and do a bit of painting. I got to scope out their new garden and yard (grapevines and a nice veg plot in the back, unruly junipers out front)- its a beautiful home and it was a stellar weekend despite some scattered rain showers. We came home on Sunday to get a bit done in the glorious 60F weather, and then dear readers, it rained. Cats and dogs this time. Thunder and lightening. While the storm’s timing wasn’t great (I only filled the wheelbarrow up once- 2 sedum and 3 big bluestems), the great news is that both water storage tanks are full up to the tippy top. Silver linings!

The snow and ice is so nearly gone. There are just a few remaining hold outs and with any luck all this rain will do them in for good.

The tiny buds of the sedum are poking out and the irises are growing quickly now. The buds of the lilac are plumping up and there are a few tulip leaves just cracking the surface.

It finally feels like Spring.

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