If I remember correctly, last year gave us an unseasonably warm March followed by a chilly April. This year I’m hoping for the opposite. There are still traces of snow to be found in the yard and in the woods. There is still soggy ground and frozen ground and a few assorted banks of snow. But this weekend is slated to hit 60F so I’m hoping by then we will be fully onto the Spring Bandwagon.

I’m slowly plodding away at cleaning out beds and pruning away the (abundant) damage to shrubs. It is a long process, but it is one I enjoy. Its a great way to check in with the plants and make mental notes of things you need to do and get reacquainted with the garden. And watch the pile of stuff accumulate at a shocking rate next to the compost bins.

There is nary a sign of any bulb-action yet. Actually, the grass isn’t really even greening up yet so I suspect we have a little bit to wait. The irises and daylilies, however, are working on it and starting to throw up some green leaves.

How is Spring coming along where you all are?

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