‘Miss Kim’ is Mad at Me.

And I’m mad at the rabbits.

You see, the snow got so deep that the bunnies were sitting at about the 2 foot mark, noshing away on bark for pretty much all of Feburary. This left a horrendous mess of gnawed up wood and stripped bark right through the middle of our ‘Miss Kim’ dwarf lilac. It is not a pretty sight.


‘Miss Kim’ is probably as old as the house and is smack in the middle of the front facade. She’s about 5 feet tall and 10 feet wide, smothered in those lovely, miniature pale lavender blooms. The best part about her location is that with the window above it open, you get the loveliest wafts of scent into the living room while its in bloom. Just delightful!

Not this year.


Yikes. I can’t believe I had to prune it back this hard. There was SO MUCH damage. You can see there is still more on the right side but I couldn’t bring myself to cut more away. I’ll have to do another bit of cutting to get rid of that last bit of damage and balance out its new, not improved, shape. I just need to gather some more courage and/or ruthlessness. Like the rabbits.

What a sad sight. And I will miss the scent this spring. But with any luck and a bit of forgiveness on Miss Kim’s part, next year should be a different story. Assuming we figure out a way to keep the bunnies far, far away next winter.

2 thoughts on “‘Miss Kim’ is Mad at Me.”

  1. Oh, I can’t stand those rabbits! They must have been pretty hungry. They have never chewed on my Lilacs, I think, but they do go for roses, hydrangeas, and serviceberries. I protect my young crabapples and chokecherry with hardware cloth.


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