Winter Wrap Up.

‘Tis a bold thing to do: Declare winter all wrapped up when there is still a blanket of white covering everything one owns. But if you could see how quickly things are melting with our recent spate of sunny days and temps hovering near the 50F mark… it surely feels like Spring is on the way.

Its beyond delightful.    –    Save all that water and ice.

But anyway… there weren’t too many over-wintering projects to assess, but I can say that the burlaping of the yew was an absolute success.

IMG_6868 2

Okay, yes, the state of the burlap structure is decidedly sad, but there’s nary a spot of winterburn on any of the yews! Hurrah!

Obviously the structure and implementation for next year will need a bit of a re-think, but the practice works and I’m really excited to not have to extensively prune these guys come warmer weather. I love it when an ounce of prevention really pays off!

The de-icing of the Greenhouse area continues. There is still standing water, but I’ve finally gotten down to clear gravel and have done a bit of grading to get the water flowing away. With any luck the Greenhouse will be dry by the end of the weekend. Nothing is sprouting or growing or blooming yet, but that will come. At least we are on our way!

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