Well, at least the calendar is telling me its finally spring. The scene outside my window tells another tale, one of a surly and stubborn winter that is reticent to loosen its grip.

Alas! Mother Nature is giving us warm-ish temperatures (40-50F) and intermittent sunshine and both are doing their darnedest to melt the scads of snow that is still lingering. This means a lot of slush and ice to go with that snow. Its muddy and slippery and everyone in the area knows someone with a boatload of water in their basement. Its been a doozy.

While our basement is dry (thank Maude!), the greenhouse is a rather damp affair.


The photos aren’t particularly arresting, but standing water in the greenhouse is a new development.

Our solution was to try to reduce the giant piles of snow on both the North and South sides.


Snow was much easier to clear from the South side (below, left) but we did pretty well on the North side too (bottom, right). With some of this gone, hopefully there’s less snow to melt directly into the greenhouse and will help melt the ice locking the water inside the greenhouse.

I also carved a bit of a canal along the face of the greenhouse to shunt all the melting snow and slush past the greenhouse and out into the garden.


Hopefully with another couple of sunny days we’ll see improvement in the standing water situation. That might mean I can finally move some plants out there- with the heater- sooner rather than later.

In any event, I hope the first day of Spring feels significantly Springier by you than it has here. But its on its way! I can feel it!

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