Hitting the ground running.

Obviously we are all excited for that first real trip to the nursery. The one where the perennials are all out and ready and your imaginary plans start to come to life. The one where you spend all that loot and come home with SO MUCH planting to do. That one. I love that one!

So here’s my question for you. Do you head out on that shopping trip with a list (one that you only slightly deviate from because while you aren’t a heathen, you aren’t a kill-joy either)? Or do you jump in headlong and just get what you think you need and whatever catches your eye?

I am, if it isn’t already obvious, a dedicated list maker. But, I always give myself permission to get things that aren’t on the list if I just can’t live without them. This applies as much to potato chips in the grocery store as it does to perennials at the nursery. Lists are, for me, more about not forgetting things than keeping myself on track.

So, tell me how you do it and what is on your shopping list!




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