UPDATE: BritBox and the Return of Gardener’s World.

UPDATE: (Friday, March 8th, 5pm)

I reached out to the nice folks at BritBox regarding when the new episodes of Gardener’s World 2019 would start airing. Their response was quick, but not very specific:

Screenshot 2019-03-08 at 23.06.26.png

I’ll confess to being a bit disappointed that there isn’t already a plan for the roll-out of GW. It was never explicitly stated on their website that it would be, but the implication was certainly there. Maybe that was my wishful thinking taking over.

The good news is that the answer is “soon” rather than “we don’t know”. I’ll let you all know if I hear more soon and I know you all are as disappointed as I am that the answer isn’t “tomorrow” or “tonight”. Perhaps some skillful YouTube searching is in order for tonight before the BBC takes all of them down… good luck!


The annual return of Gardener’s World is an announcement I relish. Yes, for the obvious reasons of sophisticated, educational, beautiful, and enjoyable gardening programming. But also because, while the March start of the show means they’ve begun gardening and growing in earnest, for me it signals the very start of getting outside and starting the cleaning up process. Its as if Monty, Nigel, and Nell are waving the green flag, signaling me to start my gardening engines. Episodes start up again on the BBC on March 1st! HOORAY!

I’ve long used a paid VPN to stream UK television. We’ve had issues with our long-time provider just not cutting the mustard. So I switched to a new VPN but the BBC is onto them and it doesn’t work for their iPlayer. Harumph. I’ve long said I would pay good money (and have via the VPNs) to just watch British TV without all the hassle (the VPN was definitely a hassle). Many have suggested Acorn TV as a solution, however they don’t stream shows shortly after airing and key shows like Gardener’s World, Chelsea Flower Show coverage and Love Your Garden, etc. aren’t on their docket. Harumph Part Two. But then I stumbled across BritBox on someone’s gardening blog and it was the miracle cure I was hoping for! YAY!

Now, BritBox isn’t free. Its something like $6.99 a month or $5.80 a month if you subscribe for a year. And as far as I can tell Love Your Garden is on there and I’m not yet 100% sure that the BBC’s coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show will be either (it was last year, but coverage is not saved for viewing right now). But Gardener’s World is absolutely on the list and I’ll be honest, the price of a Grande Fancy Latte per month is a steal.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 5.54.18 PM

This isn’t an ad, I promise, but I do want to make sure you all know about any new/easier ways to watch the only genuinely good gardening television out there. Some episodes of GW are available on YouTube (but often don’t stay up long) for free but I get too easily frustrated by this process of searching for episodes, so I’ll gladly fork over a few bucks to make it easy. Especially if I can watch old episodes on demand!

I hope you find this helpful! I’ve been watching past episodes and so far, it is going well!

12 thoughts on “UPDATE: BritBox and the Return of Gardener’s World.”

  1. I have gone the YouTube route in the past. Didn’t know to use a VPN and just learned about BritBox recently myself. In previous years YouTube episodes would be left up for quite a while. Last year they cracked down and uploaded episodes were gone in 24 hours. So I might be doing the BritBox route, too. Do they have Monty’s recent Japanese garden episodes on BritBox?


    1. I’m hoping it will show up but so far, no the Japan special isn’t on there (though I did find it online). I too have noticed that they are pulling stuff off YouTube much more quickly as of late.


  2. do you know if Britbox will carry the 2019 Gardeners’ world episodes? the first episode on BBC2 has already aired in the UK, but it is not on BritBox.

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    1. Robert- I’m not 100% sure what the airing delay is for BritBox. I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t up on the same day it airs in the UK. I did reach out the BritBox directly and will post an answer as soon as I have one!


      1. Ooooooo! Please let us know what you hear from them. I’ve been checking Britbox daily looking for the new season to start. That said, down in zone 7b, I need to watch a few episodes ahead, so I’m already several in from 2018 on my second watch-through.

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  3. We’re now more than a week after the first airing and nothing yet. My wife and I are very disappointed. I’ve left some cheeky messages on twitter with the BBC, GW and Britbox. I hate to be that guy, but honestly, Im better off with stealing it, instead of paying and waiting.


  4. Recently got rid of Directv and went to the Roku/streaming route. One of our Subs is BritBox, primarily for Gardeners World! If they don’t add it, this will be a short marriage. Being able to get this program is one of the reasons we made the switch. I don’t mind waiting or being a couple weeks behind, but I certainly hope it is added soon.


    1. That is fantastic news! I just verified that info and I’m seeing the same date. Yay April 5! That doesn’t put us too far behind (and in my zone, probably much closer to actual time!). Enjoy!


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