One For the Record Books.

There are three days left in this month. This only means that there are three more days to add to the records.

Per our local news:

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 10.01.24 AM.png

And more to come! It looks like another round of snow again on Tuesday.


You can see how much more snow this latest round dropped. There’s nary a foot left of the four foot fence surrounding the Veg Garden!!

We had very high winds yesterday and it all but obliterated any of the paths and tunnels the animals had made before. Here’s hoping the bird feeders we have stocked are enough to get all of the critters through this and into Spring as it has turned very cold (-4F) again.

Here’s hoping March is a little less hell-bent on setting records!


3 thoughts on “One For the Record Books.”

  1. To give you something pleasant to think about….the national Herb Society of America’s conference is being held in Madison, Wisc. June 13-15. It is always interesting and fun, with lots of garden tours, good food, and very informative. You should think about attending since it is “in your neighborhood!”

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