Snow, Snowy, Snowing.

It is Saturday morning and it is snowing, yet again. Yesterday I got a cortisone shot into my shoulder joint (not as fun as it sounds) and on the way home, Rich and I drove past the small family owned seed and greenhouse in town. Its not more than a small metal building for the seeds and a large poly tunnel, but they have happy, healthy plants and are very friendly. I’d not noticed it before, but all of the snow we have had took its toll on the poly tunnel, it had collapsed in on itself from the weight and winds, only the end frames were still upright. So sad. And then I immediately thought of our wee greenhouse-come-ski-chalet. Oy!


That fence in the foreground is a 4 foot tall fence… We have another 9-ish inches of snow set to start tonight into tomorrow- the heavy wet stuff that sends folks to the hospital and clogs up your snowblowers. That should bring our snow total to over 30 inches. Its crazy out there y’all!

So as soon as we got home I corralled the parts to the roof rake we’ve had for ages but can’t use on our house (roof is too tall!) and Rich took it out to the greenhouse. I supervised (shoulder) and he raked. There was easily 18 inches of snow up there after a bit of melting and large icicles were forming on the south facing side.





Now that its cleaned off, the new and heavier 9 inches of snow shouldn’t break the poly twin-wall panels. What a mess that would be. Though I shudder to think about how long it is going to take that great honking wad of snow in the photo above to melt. That sucker is almost 6 feet tall (and in shade I might add).

In other snow-related news, its been fascinating to see how the animals are traversing the yard and snow this year. We’ve never had this much snow while we’ve lived here, so this is new. The bunnies (there are at least 4) are running well-trod routes (and are using the willow and dwarf lilacs as their primary shelters) and the deer have cut their own path at the back of the garden .


The birds have created all of the other patterns and it certainly makes the snow more interesting than it would otherwise be. IMG_6756

At least the sun was shining yesterday!

I hope you all are having better weather than we are. And next time I whinge on about not having enough snow for a decent Spring Thaw, remind me of February of 2019.


4 thoughts on “Snow, Snowy, Snowing.”

  1. I like your “always” positive attitude. It’s winter in Wisconsin…a nasty one, but none the less, winter in Wisconsin. Way to work around it. Spring is a commin’….so I’ve been told! And all your hard work and beauty will unfold right before your eyes…….lucky girl.

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