Did Someone Ask for Snow?

Yep. That was me. Begging for snow to a) insulate the plants from the bracing cold and b) make sure we had enough for a good, proper Spring melt. Whelp, I got what I asked for!

10 inches fell Tuesday with another 6-12 inches that is currently falling. It seems that winter isn’t fully winter nowadays until you hit February? I shudder to think what this means for March!

The great news is that there is a deep layer of insulation covering everything. And it is good and sticky snow, meaning it will melt down to appreciable volumes of water. It also means our view is considerably prettier. Gone are the sickly swaths of yellowed grass and muddy ice. Gross.


Yes, much better.

It is a winter wonderland out there and the greenhouse looks more like a ski chalet rather than anything that is supposed to keep plants warm.


There is yet more snow in the forecast for next week. My sweet Mom keeps telling me only 5-ish more weeks until Spring but at this rate, I’m not inclined to believe her! Either way, I’m glad for the insulation and eventual moisture (and our trusty Subaru which has dealt with loads of snow and a long commute beautifully!)

I’m off to get some cocoa and warm up after snow blowing the driveway. Stay warm and cozy everyone!


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