The 2019 Veg Patch.

Well, the seeds have all been purchased and the logistics/rotations have all been calculated. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a plan.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 3.25.39 PM

Veg Garden
Beans, Fava: Masterpiece (Baker Creek), Broad Windsor (Baker Creek)
Beets: Kestrel (Fedco), Touchstone (Fedco)
Broccoli: Burgundy Sprouting (Fedco)
Cabbage: Kalibos (Baker Creek)
Cucumber: Telegraph Improved (Baker Creek), Tendergreen Burpless (Baker Creek)
Eggplant: Galine (Fedco), Listada di Gandia (High Mowing)
Kohlrabi: Azure Star (High Mowing)
Melons: Petit Gris de Rennes (Baker Creek), American Melon Ananas D’ Amerique A Chair Verte (Baker Creek)
Parsnip: Half Long Guernsey (Baker Creek)
Peas: Sugarsnap (Fedco)
Peppers, Sweet: Klari Baby Cheese (Fedco), Carmen (Fedco), Jimmy Nardello’s (Fedco)
Peppers, Hot: Beaver Dam (Seed Savers)
Potatoes: Carola (Fedco)
Radish (SEED TRIAL VARIETIES): China Rose, Dragon Hybrid, French Breakfast, White Icicle
Shallots: Yellow Moon Dutch (Fedco)
Tomatillo: Purple Blush (Fedco)
Tomato (8): Pineapple Bicolor (Fedco), Blush (High Mowing), Green Zebra (Baker Creek), Mom’s Heirloom (My Mom, via the Delafield Farmer’s Market), Napa Chardonnay Blush (Baker Creek), Black Krim (Baker Creek), Moskovich (High Mowing), German Pink (Baker Creek)
Winter Squash: Carnival (Fedco), Kogigu (Baker Creek)
Zucchini: Costata Romanseco (Baker Creek)

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 3.23.10 PM

Bali Red Rhubarb Swiss Chard (Fedco)
Tatsoi (Fedco)
Extra Dwarf Pak Choy (Baker Creek)
Indigo Radicchio (Fedco)
Lettuces: Tennis Ball (Baker Creek), Forellenschluss (Seed Savers), Rouge D’Hiver (Baker Creek), Red Romaine (Baker Creek)

Items of Note:
There will be no beans or carrots this year. The carrots are never sweet enough and the beans are a pain in the rear. I’m using the space I’m saving with them to grow a few things I’ve not grown in ages (Sprouting Broccoli and Tomatillos) and delicious but space-hoggy potatoes.

This year’s Seed Trial options were great options, but few of which I wanted to try. There was Celery (pass), Cucumbers (we don’t need 4-8 plants please and thank you), Mini Romaine Lettuces (I’m going to try growing what I already have in my seed box), Shelling Peas (I prefer snap type), Non-Bell Sweet Peppers (I already have mine picked out!), and Radishes (I will happily grow some new types of radishes!). The herb is Shiso/Perilla (not interested) and the Flower is Snapdragons (Yes Please!).

So now that is sorted, I can pivot to my early season shopping lists for the nurseries! What are you all growing this year and what changes are you making (if any) to your usual plans?

6 thoughts on “The 2019 Veg Patch.”

    1. Oh! That’s a great question! I suppose I don’t track it very well.
      I’d guess at least 30 minutes to an hour a night after work, sometimes more if there’s a project to work on and I’m feeling motivated.
      About the same on weekends, though there’s a much higher chance of it being a lot more if we don’t have other plans or have a project. Its mostly pottering around, weeding and watering. I’m of the “do a little but do it often” camp so unless its pouring out, I’ll be out there most nights.
      So that means at least 7-ish hours a week? Probably closer to 10 if you count extra time on weekends.
      How much time do you suspect you spend on yours a week?


    1. I’m much more go with the flow with other parts of the garden, but I find that (at least in our climate) I have such short growing windows that I really have to plan if I want things like eggplants and peppers to grow well and get good harvests before the frost comes.
      I say go with whatever feels right to you! But, if your space is small, perhaps putting together a plan for rotations and whatnot would allow you to maximize the space you do have? I’m super bad at succession sowing, but the only way I’d be able to manage it if I did do it would be with schedule all laid out on a calendar! I have to force myself to be this prepared/organized! 🙂

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