Seed Starting 2019

We moved into this house in late 2014 and the winter or 2015 was the first year I set out my seed starting gear to get things going. Since then, the seed starting set up has only been in the same location in the house once- but even then the set up wasn’t the same.


2015 was in the guest room. It was nice and warm, but the carpet is white and the lights would have to be rescheduled any time someone came to stay over. Great results, less than ideal logistics.

2016 was in the basement. I put everything near the furnace hoping it would keep things warm (it did not). It was on concrete and very near a water source, so logistically it was great. Plugins for the heat mats were close, but it was just too darned cold and less than ideal results. Boo.

2017 was in the upstairs workout room before it was the workout room and was my sewing room. I had loads of space for all my goodies, it was just next door to a bathroom with a tub for easy water filling, and was plenty warm. The dark carpet hid my messes and the results were great.

2018 was in the upstairs workout room again. But now as a workout room with a weight rack and bench and free-weights everywhere. Sadly, my plants and seed starting do not take top priority. It was altogether too cramped as now only half of my stuff fit in, meaning half as much productivity and twice as much clutter.  The results were fine, but the logistics sucked.


2019 has me back in the basement, this time in the little workshop cubby near the stairs. Complete with a space heater and tarps to keep the warmth in (I hope). The DEA will surely be watching our house with the heat signature I’ve got going on down there. The electrical situation is verging on Clark Griswold territory, so that is not ideal, but it does work (providing I don’t burn the house down).

Image result for clark griswold electrical
Image via Reddit

With this set up I have plenty of space for everything and easy access to water. Let’s hope it works wonders and I can stop moving this darned set-up every year!



It isn’t glamorous (see: half full paint cans below and random boxes of ???), but it is efficient and cozy and, most importantly, has enough counter space to fit everything I need.

What do you all use for seed starting? Windowsils? Do you have a dedicated room or rack-set up? Do share! I can’t wait to steal more ideas!


6 thoughts on “Seed Starting 2019”

  1. I’m so limited in what I grow from seed, and everything that I do grow gets down outside: Tithonia, larkspur, zinnias, Cardinal creeper vine… but it really limits my choices so I should really commit to doing more by seed. But like you I would need a light set up and I’m stymied by where that logistically could go…

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    1. Yes, the seed starting logistics are a bit of a pain. You need decent space but I have seen folks make vertical racks that hold multiple lights and multiple seed trays in a small footprint and it is an investment. I did see a set-up using a store bought wire rack that looked pretty slick ( The LED lights are getting cheaper and cheaper though!


    1. Hooray! I’m hopeful this set up is here to stay, so far its working well and things are growing (slowly though). It’ll be more convincing either way once the annuals & veg get in the dirt. Good luck!

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  2. I splurged on light stand (12 tray) several years ago. It is in the basement in the old coal bin. The temperature ranges from 55 to 65 degrees. I start seeds upstairs and as soon as they pop through the soil they go downstairs under the lights.


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