A Chat With Monty Don and Tim Richardson

This video is from 2016, so certainly not new, but it is new to me and I want you all to watch it! Its just north of an hour, so it might be best suited to a slow evening and paired with a glass of wine. Or perhaps a weekend morning with a cuppa. Either way, I think anyone who loves gardens and gardening and talking about both of those things will thoroughly enjoy it.

The talk was a part of a 2016 exhibition via the Royal Collection Trust at Holyroodhouse called “Painting Paradise: The Art of the Garden” which is fascinating in and of itself, but the vast array of art led to some satisfying and interesting conversation between a noted garden writer and Britain’s Head Gardener.

Jean-Baptiste Martin, “A Stag Hunt at Versailles” (c.1700), acquired by George IV (image via Royal Collection Trust)

My favorite bits were about (in no particular order):

  • Perambulatory thinking and the spirituality/meditative qualities of gardening
  • Gender roles and the fluidity that gardening provides both men and women
  • Successful gardening has much to do with personal confidence in yourself
  • Gardening as an act of environmental activism

I told you it was wide ranging! In any event, I hope you watch it and enjoy it.

An Evening with Monty Don: in conversation with Tim Richardson from Royal Collection Trust on Vimeo.

Note: The video will not play directly from this page, but if you click on the blue button “Watch of Vimeo” it will take you directly to the source. Easy peasey.

I’m off to celebrate the big four-zero (mine! eek!) with the husband and cake. So much cake! Happy Weekend!

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