Garden(ing) as a Stress Reliever.

Everyone knows that getting your hands dirty and getting stuck into a bit of gardening is a fantastic stress reducer (unless Quack Grass is involved, then it is a stress inducer!). I often find myself lingering in the garden and purposefully taking on lengthy or putzy tasks when I’m stressed out by work or something else. It calms me, diverts my thoughts, and leaves me feeling, at the very least, a bit more settled.

This week has been the sort of week that would have been much improved by being able to be in the garden for a few hours. Between work issues and a misbehaving furnace, my tension levels are high and I’m fidgety and unsettled. But alas, everything is under a blanket of snow and frozen solid.

No outlet.

I often wonder then, what do you Northern gardeners do for stress remediation when you can’t garden? Oh, I know there are other hobbies, but none of them seem to soothe the way gardening does. Maybe I need to move South after all… Something about being able to dig in the dirt in December does feel mighty decadent! And if you answer is cocktails, you best be posting a link to the recipe!

7 thoughts on “Garden(ing) as a Stress Reliever.”

    1. Great idea! I have cats so windowsill anything won’t work, but I should tend to my potted plants in the winter- I usually only potter around with them in summer when they are outside. Thanks for the great suggestion!

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      1. Plants and Cats are always a challenge! Especially since one of mine thinks any planter bigger than his butt is also a litter box. I’ve gotten very creative with decorative barriers! I’m getting our Tortie cat a special groomer (she has an insanely dense undercoat) for Christmas, so that will indeed be a great way to decompress!

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  1. Worm composting. I love the smell and I can futz around for as long or as little as needed to banish the work blahs.


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