Let’s Talk: Veggies. A series.

Back when I asked you all about winter-time blog topics, I got a great suggestion from reader MyBackyardGarden4b. The comment was:

“I’m struggling to find varieties of vegetables that are suitable for a home garden, i.e., flavourful and abundant. I’d love to hear which seeds you buy, what their results are, if you’d buy them again, and where to get them.”

This is a) a really great suggestion and b) a helpful topic to any gardener. There is so much to talk about that I thought I’d turn it into a series. A spotlight on common veggies and their varieties- what I’ve tried, what has worked, what I want to try in the future.

I plan to talk about all the criteria I sort through and use when choosing varieties. I’ll talk about what I’ve grown, what I varieties I love, and which ones were a dud for me. I’ll also get into what sorts of veg are (to me) worth the space and effort and which ones are not. Of course, your mileage on these may vary and I look forward to your comments on each one.

As they all go up, I’ll also create a new page (which can be found up under the “Menu” button) where each entry can be found. I’ll call it “Let’s Talk Veggies”. There will also be a dedicated category in the search function “Let’s Talk” so you can find them quick and easy.

My hope is that this will be a great place for all of us to share varieties you love and loathe, tips and tricks, and any kernels of wisdom that you’d like to share. I hope you all are as excited as I am!


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