I’m always of two minds come November. Half of me is dreading the short, sunless days and impending freeze (and the snow that comes with it), the other half is excited for the slow roll into the Holidays and the respite from work in the garden that lets me think and plan for the garden.

This time of year also makes me wonder how more temperate gardeners do it. If you can garden all year long, when do you take a break to chew the proverbial cud and make new plans? Honest question. Winter is best for this, in my opinion. And not just the calendar months of winter; but the actual weather- the cold, biting wind and frozen soil that force you to stay inside to contemplate and read.

I was lucky enough to enjoy Thursday, free from actual work, to finish the necessary work in the garden. It was a beautiful sunny, 50F day that one would be foolish not to spend outside. It was glorious!

The husband is home from a week plus away hunting. This means I had extra hands and brute force to lug in the Fig and the Orange. We got the new saucers (that are legitimately great and I’m glad I was surly enough to splash out for them- I have purchased another pair in a smaller size for the Fig and Orange!) under the banana and the bougainvillea.

Frodo approves as much as I do, though he can’t use it as a lounger any longer. These saucers are amazing and absolutely worth the cost.

The raspberry canes and asparagus stalks have been felled. The remains of the garden have been chipped and shredded into veggie confetti for the compost bins.


The greenhouse got a bath!


Wood was split for the fires that will be roaring come Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The stones that were brought back from Minnesota were put in place as edging for the new bed in the Dry Cottage Garden. This task is never a speedy one, but it is a methodical and thoughtful (and artful) process I always enjoy.

The water butts have been drained and upturned for winter and the patio furniture is stacked in the greenhouse.



I suppose, now that we are ready, winter can make its way here. Not that I’m mentally ready for it, but at least the garden is!