Tidy Up.

Oh, the Fall Clean Up. Most years I’d be the better part of done with the end-of-season tidying tasks by now. I hate leaving it all to the bitter (both literal and figurative) end- it gives me low-level anxiety and the To Do List is always buzzing through the back of my mind. As it stands, the constant rain and travel plans have prevented me from doing any of it. Not one bit.


It doesn’t help matters that the temperatures got so low so quickly. We still haven’t had a frost, but the overnight lows have been far too cold for the Fig and Orange to be outside. So all the things I would normally have done in the greenhouse (emptying leftover plants into the nursery bed, cleaning, organizing) aren’t done and the greenhouse is full of plants (and a space heater), so there’s no room for the patio furniture and shade umbrellas.


Don’t be fooled by this photo. We’ve not seen the sun in weeks.

So, the furniture and umbrellas are soaking wet, sitting out in the garden like a bad joke. IMG_5943

Its all just so inviting, right?

The pots around the patio are also still full of dirt and the occasional stubborn Pelargonium. They too need to make their way into the greenhouse for storage, but alas, the inn is full.


I don’t cut back many of the perennials- only the ones voted most likely to re-seed in unwanted places. Right now that is primarily the Rattlesnake Master and Echinops. Plus they both look raggedy already, no sense leaving them up. Everything else will stay, though the Dwarf Arctic Globe Willows need to be wrangled back into reasonable sizes and I won’t do that until their leaves are off and we are well into winter temperatures. But the water tanks need to be emptied- a task that is utterly impractical with the ground being so completely saturated. The bird feeding station needs to be put up, but first I need to mow one last time and the rain has prevented me from doing that too. The last of the squash and root vegetables need to be brought in and cured/prepped. The tomatoes need to be pulled up. The raspberries, asparagus, and rhubarb pruned down. Trees need to be protected from the soon-to-be hungry deer, mice, and bunnies.

I just can’t bring myself to do any of it in the miserably cold rain and wind.

Does that make me a bad gardener?

It probably does because if this were March or April, I wouldn’t be grousing one bit about 40-50F weather and a bit of rain. I’d be gardening with great zeal- loving every minute of it, even if I couldn’t feel my fingertips. But hey, that is the very definition of being a Midwesterner, amirite? I mean, there are memes about it so it must be true.

Image result for spring in the midwest meme

Here’s hoping tomorrows 42F day is at least a little sunny and not at all rainy. Then I’ll get to work with the fury of ten thousand suns and get back on the right side of that pesky To Do List.

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