Bulbs Ahoy!

My Brent & Becky’s order arrived late last week- exactly at the beginning of a mildly-frustrating combination of continuous rain and a weekend away. So, on the dining room table they’ve sat. A silent reminder that I’m way, way behind on my fall tasks in no small part to the blasted weather.

The bulbs arrived (as usual) in perfect, healthy, plump condition. Its like Glamour Shots for bulbs: Beautifully labeled and packaged, nary a hiccup or blemish in the lot.



I’m very much feeling the urge and pressure to get them in the ground. No, we haven’t had a real frost yet, but the way our weather is going I fear we will get that first frost and run headlong into snow- more quickly than is usual- so I’m champing at the bit to get these planted.

There is a supposed break in the rain set for Thursday- with any luck I’ll be able to get them all in (along with a rather daunting list of other duties that need doing). The ground will certainly be good and damp, making for easy digging in our sandy soil.

I don’t currently have a bulb digger- I tend to favor my Sneeboer Compact Perennial Spade for tasks like this (its also my favorite and most-beloved garden tool of all). Its bigger than a trowel but small enough to use whilst on one’s hands and knees crawling around the garden with bags of bulbs in tow. A dignified picture indeed!

Image result for compact perennial spade sneeboer

Wish me luck for good weather and the wherewithal to remember where all of these bulbs are supposed to go!

3 thoughts on “Bulbs Ahoy!”

  1. Best of luck in your planting. I hope the weather cooperates. I’m planting garlic today, but the bulbs haven’t yet arrived, and will have to wait until late this month when I return from travel. Here, as long as they’re in before Thanksgiving, it usually works, even if I have to dig snow away to dig a hole the ground is generally not frozen yet.

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