It is 72F and rainy today. It is entirely likely that today is the extent of our Indian Summer, which if true, would be wretched.

The variation in weather we’ve had has been extreme to say the least. I feel like all I do is post about the weather lately, but this far north, well, the weather dictates more gardening than I care to admit. Some plants are re-blooming as we speak, something they’ve never done before, presumably in response to the lack of a hard frost and increase in moisture. The pink salvias, the Max Frei Cranesbill geranium, and the Armeria (Sea Thrift) to name a few. Others are on their way out as expected. Its all very higgeldy-piggeldy.

Some plants are proving to be utterly unfazed by the variations in temperature, moisture, and shorter days. The Millennium Onions, Lavenders, Coreopsis, Helenium, and Sedum are still putting out abundant blooms as if it were August. The bees are clearly quite happy about it as am I.





Despite the photos, the garden is tending towards yellow and brown. Looking more and more sleepy and reticent. I suppose the gloomy, cloudy days do add to the waning atmosphere. The slowly building riot of colors in the trees around us don’t do much to elevate the mood, much to my surprise.

The Elephant Garlic is now in the ground and thoroughly mulched. The cloves sent by Seed Savers were huge and beautiful and I have no doubt I’ll have a good shot at a nice harvest next year.


The Spring bulb order arrives on Thursday but will have to wait until next week or so to get in the ground. That is a task I both hate and love. So many holes to dig! But the pay-off- So worth it!

The days and weeks left to tend to the garden are numbered, but this year I couldn’t hazard a guess as to if it were 3 weeks more or 8. I honestly couldn’t tell you which I preferred either!

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