Autumn Rolls On.

I mean, how can anyone not love Tithonia? They are so fantastic this time of year, blooming strong, bright shocks of orange when everything else is starting to fade. I give them heart eye emojis every time I see them. Swoon!


The oranges (all seven!) are coming along so nicely. They are just now starting to ripen and there is a cool off in the very near future, overnight lows in the 40F range. I’m considering moving this guy into the greenhouse to finish ripening. There’s no way we can move it back into the house with the fruit not falling off, so it may well ride out the fall in the cozy confines of the greenhouse.


The figs are producing well too, though the fruits are small and will likely have to ride out the fall in the greenhouse as well.


The potager was a mixed bag this year. Happily the assorted chives and bunching onions (corners) are doing well and should be even better next year. The dahlias in the middle were a mild success, I think these shorter varieties would be better served in some containers next year. I plan to transplant in some Asiatic Lilies and possibly some boxwood to the central circle. The other areas were mostly left unplanted, save the huge patch of oregano on the left. I think next year this will be split evenly between herbs and flowers for a small cutting garden. It is a fun area to play with since the scale is small and the proximity to the greenhouse. I’m excited to see how it looks this time next year!

The other monster project I’ve been working on for the past few weeks has been removing the Indiangrass and weedy-grass (crab and quack types) from the edge of the driveway. It is a gross, mind-numbing task that I loathe, but it needs to be done. I’ll have a better idea of how many holes are in the existing hedge and as soon as it is done we will top it off with some attractive stone mulch. And then, hopefully, I won’t ever have to do it at this scale again.


One last Glamour Shot of the asters, they are so worth the long, long wait. Every time aster season comes around I kick myself for not having more in the garden. I’ll have to remember to add it to my garden notes so I stop forgetting!

What late season projects are you working on right now?

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