The main weather station up in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota) has told me that, as of last night, we’ve received just shy of 5 inches of rain this month.

The garden is, for the first time since spring, so very lush and deliciously green.IMG_5850.JPG

I can’t get over how different it all looks from the majority of this summer, and this certainly doesn’t look how it ‘should’ late September. The Sedum and grasses are the only indicators this is fall and not May. What a strange meteorologic year it has been.

Speaking of strange weather. The rainfall and subsequent cooling of temps (but not too cool) have somehow reinvigorated the tomatoes. I gave them a good clipping, pulled out the especially mangy ones (and the spent melon vines) and set them back on their way. At this rate, I may get a proper Black Krim tomato yet this year. They certainly look scraggly, but there is new growth and they are setting new fruit, so with any luck and no early frost, there may be another harvest in our future.


I have cleaned out some of the spent veg in the garden, which means the compost bin is right full up and in need of some quality time with the chipper. Next week I suppose?

IMG_5830It will be good to get the first bin (far right) open again and pull out the remainder of the finished compost (far left) onto the beds before the snow flies. Then the almost done pile (middle left) can be turned into the last bin to finish over winter. The second bin (middle right) will get all of the freshly shredded/chipped material and get on its way for a few months before it freezes solid (sometime in November, usually).


I’m also happy to report that the large hosta and transplanted asters seem quite happy with their new home and are already filling out this area in the Dry Cottage Garden better than anything else I’d tried in the previous 3 years. I’m itching to see how it will look this time next year!

This weekend will be spent with an old friend, sipping wine and chatting late into the night. Sunday afternoon I will plant out the Elephant Garlic cloves that arrived in the mail late last week. I will not, for now, weed more grass along the driveway. I will, however, start to dig out the new bed that will replace the old firepit in the Dry Cottage Garden. Not because I need to have it completed this year, but because I need a place to put some plants over winter. Such is the plight of a plant collector…

Have a lovely weekend readers!


2 thoughts on “Lush.”

  1. I must say I envy you that rain! We have a long dry spell ahead of us on top of a previous dry spell. Your garden is looking beautifully green. The hosta is doing very well, isn’t it. I can’t grow them in my garden as I don’t have anywhere shady enough.


  2. I just got back from a lovely Garden Writers’ event in Cleveland, with a bevy of new plants that must go into the ground NOW. Where to put them is a puzzle this time of year, so I totally understand your digging out the old fire pit. Pity I don’t have one! We’ve had plenty of rain, too, and suddenly it’s COOL!


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