With the abnormal weather patterns this year its become hard to come to terms with where exactly we are supposed to be in the gardening calendar. However, the shortening of the days and the stiffer breezes from the North are clearly telling me Summer is on her way out.

It helps that the squash are ready for harvesting too- Nothing quite says Fall like a row of orange squash hardening off for storage (and eating).IMG_5750

Though my instincts are telling me that the garden is on its way out, but it only takes a walk around to realize that some of my favorite plants are just now hitting their stride: Sedum, Asters, Russian Sage, and the grasses.

IMG_5766 2IMG_5762 2IMG_5763 2IMG_5757 2

The Sedum are doing so well that I popped out and bought a few more to add in next to the monsters in the Cee Garden. That is my size 9 flip-slop there for scale!


These new ones are Sedum ‘Thunderhead’ and they have the deeper foliage and rich flowers I’ve been craving for the late season in this garden.

Almost everything else in the Cee Garden is done showing off (save the Joe Pye Weed and Big Bluestem) so more Sedums is more better. I’ve had to whack down the whole patch of Monarda as the drought really put them off their game early and they were looking more dead than alive. Needless to say the area is now a bit more sparse than I’d planned on. Ah well, next year should be better!


I’ve put in my bulb order for this fall and have some garlic on its way to me for fall planting as well. The beginning of the end is certainly here- there’s no denying it- but the softer, warmer light and cooler breezes always make this one of my favorite times of the year- and I can’t help but feel like it is one of the best time in the garden too.

IMG_5754 2

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